Jake "Gorm Hárfagri"

Founder & Craftsman

Jake has a B.A. in World Languages, Heritage Studies, & Public History. Jake has a passion for history from Ancient Egypt all the way through the Renaissance. His zeal for historical research helped in founding


Brand Ambassador

Bjorn has a B.A. in Medieval & Renaissance studies, and specializes in literary, textile, & weaponry research, especially regarding Norway & Iceland. His love of creating simple and authentic reenactment personas is backed by his attention to detail.


Brand Ambassador

John's martial arts background spans as far back as his love for ancient history. With a B.A. in Medieval History, he studies combat from the perspectives of Ancient and Early Medieval European warriors, and puts this into practice as a fellow member of Jomsborg.


Lead Graphic Designer

Sarah is a graphic design guru, capable of working artistic miracles. She's played a pivotal role in developing our weapons & armor infographics, creates animations used in our YouTube videos, and more. She's helped define the look and feel of the brand.


UX/UI Consultant

Lindsie has a keen eye when it comes to web design & development. Her game; creating beautiful websites that are interactive and easy to use. She's been instrumental in getting off the ground to a place where our customers and readers are delighted to visit.


Brand Ambassador

As a fellow member of Jomsborg, Marcus has found his passion for history and martial arts blossom over the past several years. He has become an experienced fighter, especially with pole weapons like the Dane Axe. He has trained in Boston, and fought abroad in Denmark.