Since 2016, VikingHistory.com has supplied reenactors, SCA members, LARPers, and Viking Age enthusiasts with quality items to enhance their personas. Since 2020, we have provided historical analysis, resources, & research to the broader Viking community in an effort to spread knowledge. Our goal is to unlock the access to history for everyone.


Our founders are members of the Boston chapter of the Army of Jomsborg, an international Viking group that blends together academic research, modern sport combat, and living history.

Early on, we realized a passion for crafting items such as chests, jewelry, weaponry, and leatherwork in order to better demonstrate the Viking Age to the public. Historical accuracy has always been the lifeblood of our products.


All of our products are based on historical research. Roughly 90% of the items we sell are faithful replicas of actual archaeological artifacts that have been found.

Products that are not exact copies of original artifacts are based on rune stones, paintings, manuscripts, literature or other primary sources to keep true to our commitment to quality and authenticity.


Our team is comprised of several historians, combat experts, web designers and craftspeople. Not all of us are members of Jomsborg, and not all of us are specifically Viking or Early Medieval historians, but we all bring something to the table.

Learn more about each member and what they do to help make VikingHistory.com a unique and unparalleled resource for the modern Viking.